Top 5 Destinations in Brevard County for Florida Tech Students

Brevard Zoo

1. The Beach
One of the biggest draws of Florida Tech to prospective students is its proximity to world class coastlines. The Space Coast is sometimes referred to as the Forgotten Coast since all the local beaches aren’t typically overrun by tourists and crowds, but I say that’s just more space for us!  It’s a very satisfying feeling to be able to kick back and relax on the beach once your classes are done for the day. Popular activities include sun bathing, swimming, fishing, surfing and skim boarding.


2. The Indian River Lagoon
Deemed one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in Northern America, the Indian River Lagoon never ceases to amaze.  Students can rent canoes or kayaks from the Clemente Center and go on a leisurely paddle along the river. The Florida Tech Sailing Club launches their boats into the river and sails up and down it. There is also a string of spoil islands within the river that you can when you can set up camp for the night.


3. NASA & Kennedy Space Center
Florida Tech was founded as a school dedicated to help train the engineers and personnel for NASA. Our proximity to the nation’s premier space agency is invaluable for educational and employment opportunities. It’s also pretty exciting for the inner nerd in all of us because of the year-round events that take place at Cape Canaveral. Rocket launches are a sort of Florida Tech rite of passage—you have to go watch at least one.


4. Brevard Zoo
Brevard Zoo offers a wide array of animals to view and even interact with. Have you ever wanted to feed a giraffe? Well you can at Brevard Zoo. In the last few years the zoo has really revamped itself and now offers kayaking tours as well as a ropes course with canopy ziplining. The zoo is an excellent place to go with a group of friends for a little bit of fun.

 5. Downtown Melbourne
Historic Downtown Melbourne is filled with small mom-and-pop type shops and eateries, so you’ll always find something unique. Taking a leisurely stroll down the street really gives you an idea of the types of people that live in the area. As an added bonus, the Florida Tech Trolley System provides free rides to downtown Melbourne on the weekends.


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