Treat or Treat, Oct. 19, 2019

Treat-or-Treat is Florida Tech’s annual Halloween festival for families and kids of all ages across Brevard County. It is located on the university’s beautiful, safe and spacious campus in Melbourne, Florida.

The event hosts a variety of theatrical, age-appropriately themed “haunted” houses, outdoor games, music, food, inflatables, vendors and—of course—lots of candy!

Best of all, this event is FREE, courtesy of Florida Tech!

House Themes

From fantasy worlds to blockbuster movies, this year’s themes will take you from enchanted to excited to utterly freaked out!

Our Team

Treat-or-Treat is hosted by the Florida Tech Department of Residence Life. This staff is made up of a group of almost sixty dedicated student resident assistants from all different backgrounds with all different majors that collectively have years worth of educational programming experience.​

Also making up the enormous help for this event are over one hundred student volunteers from Florida Tech Greek life, Student Government, athletics, ROTC, and various on-campus clubs and organizations. 

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