Treating All Staff Equally

It’s hard to take a minute during the bustling workday to think if you are treating all staff equally, but it is important. Part-timers, full-timers, freelancers. Most companies have these variations. Do you include everyone in work events? Do you treat the part-timers differently since they aren’t working everyday?

Although it may not be intentional, most companies treat part-timers and freelancers differently than full-time staff. This can affect the morale of the individuals and the entire business. Building a team environment, that includes all employees, makes for an overall happier place to work and will make your business more successful.

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column comes from retired organizational ombudsman and Florida Supreme Court-certified civil and county mediator Jan Sullivan-Chalmers. In this column, Jan discusses various workplace dilemmas involving part-time staff. Read more HERE.

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