A Trip to Kennedy Space Center

Florida Tech’s location on the space coast bundles all of the high tech opportunities available that eager college students crave. Personally, Kennedy Space Center is my Disney World. (I’m sorry to all of the Mickey fans, but we have Disney too!)

Setting foot on the swampy grounds that every astronaut in history has stood upon inspires me to walk in their footsteps. It has been said that you are what you are surrounded by. I take up space. Space is all around me. Taking a trip to Kennedy Space Center filled me with so much space, that it gave my mundane schoolwork meaning in the scope of my goals. This trip made me realize that the journey to space is not easy in the least bit. I go to Florida Tech to work as hard as I can to achieve the honor of stepping foot on Kennedy Space Center’s land not as a tourist, but as an astronaut.

As time progresses, the aerospace industry is becoming more commercialized. A great deal of Kennedy Space Center is now leased to SpaceX. I had no clue how much of a multiuser spaceport Kennedy Space Center has become. Decades from now when it is my turn to fly in space, there is no predicting who I will be flying for. The jobs of tomorrow do not exist yet. This realization reassured my pursuit to take up as much space as possible before I can predict what the aerospace industry will need from me in the future.


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