Tyra Banks is a Woman of Character, Courage and Commitment

By Gracie Young, Marketing Assistant at the WBC and Oceanography student at FIT

This month the Women’s Business Center is celebrating Women’s History Month. The theme chosen for this celebration is Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.

If I had to recommend a person as a National Honoree for the Women’s History Month celebration I would recommend Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks is a multi-dimensional woman. She is a supermodel, actress, TV personality, business woman, and most importantly a role model. Tyra chooses to lead by example and bring attention to the issues facing girls and young women. She is passionate about getting girls to believe in themselves and taking control of their lives.

I know first-hand how tough society can be on women. I admit that I have trouble with my self-esteem and confidence. I often feel that I have to ‘prove myself’ to society or feel like I am ‘not good enough’. People have told me I am crazy for feeling this way and for being unhappy with my appearance. They’re right; I shouldn’t be feeling this disappointment with myself. But it is a personal battle for me to believe in myself and to say ‘I am good enough’.

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