U.S. News Ranks Florida Tech One of Nations Elite

MELBOURNE, FLA. — For the eighteenth consecutive year, U.S. News and World Report has ranked Florida Institute of Technology among the nation’s best national
doctoral universities. The magazine’s special 2008 “America’s Best Colleges” issue was just published in August.
The 49-year-old Melbourne, Fla.-based university is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctoral Research Intensive University. This differentiates
it from institutions that only offer degrees at the bachelor’s or master’s level.

The report lists several areas of growth over last year and for several years. In some categories, Florida Tech is shining brighter than it has in the past

A measure of a university’s value is how successful it is in retaining its students through graduation. The university’s graduation rate of 57 percent is
the highest ever and up 9 percent over last year.

Focusing on “high tech with a human touch,” Florida Tech embraces a goal of small class size for more personal attention. So, it is good news that the
percentage of classes of less than 20 students shows improvement at 57 percent, a small but significant increase over last year. The number of classes with
more than 50 students is 3 percent, as it was in 2005, the lowest of the decade.

Additionally, the number of new freshmen who were in the top 10 percent of their high school classes is at 34 percent — the best ever — and an indication that
the university attracts top scholars.

And, good news for the Golden Anniversary Campaign for Florida Tech, the alumni giving rate is at an all-time high of 16 percent. This doubles the giving
rate since just 2004.

Florida Tech President Anthony James Catanese said the university will continue to emphasize these strengths.

“It is our goal to always attract the best and brightest students to Florida Tech, and give them an academic environment where they can achieve and
succeed,” said Catanese. “As we build a university noted for both high technology and the human touch, we will continue to emphasize teaching, research and
service in all that we do.” The U.S. News rankings system is based on quantitative measures that education experts have proposed as reliable indicators of
academic quality.

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