University Classroom Etiquette

The University classroom at Florida Tech is a learning environment above all things, and the majority of students dedicate a great deal of time and money to pursue their education here. With this in mind, students should be aware of classroom etiquette and the implications it can have upon the classroom and collegiate experience. Certain behaviors or practices maybe tolerated or even accepted at other universities; at Florida Tech, we hold our students to high standards of academic honesty, professionalism, and respect. These traits are exemplified in classroom conduct and interpersonal etiquette among students, faculty and staff.

  1. Attendance is expected throughout the semester, and non-attendance should be accompanied by an email to the instructor to explain a legitimate excuse. Simply being in the classroom on a regular basis is a positive indicator of academic success. If you have to miss a class due to an excused event, please notify the instructor beforehand to make arrangements for exams and missed assignments. Excused absences vary; unlike high school, meeting family in town or a student organization event may not be excused. You may have to make difficult choices based upon your priorities regarding your education.
  2. Timeliness and preparedness demonstrate respect. Showing up late and/or unprepared for class demonstrates a lack of respect for the course and instructor, and it can be detrimental to your grade. Arrive for class on time and with the materials necessary to participate in the classroom discussion or to take notes in lecture.
  3. Turn off phones and other digital devices. Using your phone to text or listening to music while in class is rude. It demonstrates a lack of respect and attention to what is taking place in the classroom, and it keeps you from actively participating in the classroom environment. Similarly, wearing earbuds or headphones in class demonstrates a lack of respect as you are not actively listening to what is happening in the classroom. Place phones and music players in your bookbag so that you can devote your full attention to the class.
  4. Put away laptop computers unless they are absolutely necessary for the lecture. Many students use their laptops in the classroom to work on other assignments or participate in social networking to the exclusion of the lecture. To demonstrate proper classroom etiquette, only use a laptop if it is absolutely necessary for the lecture, and put it away if it is not needed.
  5. Learn the names of your instructors as well as your fellow classmates. Florida Tech’s small classroom environment allows students to interact with faculty and peers; during the first year, you may discover fellow students who share the same interests, hobbies, or research ideas. Learning and using names demonstrates respect and helps to build a sense of community, both within the classroom and in the greater campus community.
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