University Financial Aid Gets Weird, Scholarships of the Strange.

Are you on the look-out for innovative ways to help pay for college? Well we’ve spent some time searching the web so you don’t have to.  Here is our top 10 list of weird but true scholarships

1. Kor Memorial Scholarship

You know Kor, the last son of the House of Kor and descendant to the Klingon Imperial Family.  Finally, a scholarship for those that speak Klingon, the fastest growing language in the galaxy. The Kor Memorial Scholarship will pop you for your skills. We hope you qap, assuming you don’t qaq. So tugh and apply



Klingon Dictionary:

Pop: honor, reward

Qap: succeed,

Qaq: behave falsely

Tugh: hurry up

2. National Candy Technologists Scholarship

National Candy Technologists ScholarshipHave you devoted your high school career eating copious amounts of candy? The American Association of Candy Technologists wants to give you some dough, so give them some sugar and fill out an application for your chance to receive $5,000 of crisp greenbacks.




3. Scholars Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY)

Scholars Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY)If you excel in academics, sports, community service and can rock a sweet stache, you might be eligble for the SAMMY.  A super star line up of celebrity athletes will help pick the winners, so apply for your chance at $7,500.



4. Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Evans Scholars Foundation ScholarshipWhy use a golf cart when you can strap 50 lbs of clubs to a machine that is powered by cheetos, aka the caddy.  Hundreds of student caddies across the US receive tuition and housing scholarships for helping golfers choose their clubs wisely and can probably be attributed to improving their score.



5. Tall Club International Student Scholarships

Tall Club International Student ScholarshipsYou must be at least a 5’10” female or 6’2″ male to ride this ride.  Hey ladies, if you had to wear flats to your prom and pat your dates’ head, at least you have $1,000 to comfort you. Hey guys, being tall is awesome too and now you can have the added bonus of $1,000.






6. Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship

Van Valkenburg Memorial ScholarshipCalling all Van Valkenburgs! If this is your last name, then you are in luck.  You can get $1,000 for just having this fun and interesting last name.




7. Duck® Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest

Duck® Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom ContestIt’s time to turn up the notch on embarassing prom pictures and get crafty.  Not only will you dazzle all your friends, you could also win $3,000.







8. Ayn Rand Institute Essay Contests

Ayn Rand Institute Essay ContestsAyn Rand’s books are a staple on most high school summer reading lists, so why not get paid for your insights on “the meaning of man’s ego”, tyranny and  communism.




9. Eileen J Garrett Scholarship

Eileen J Garrett ScholarshipIf you are eligible for this scholarship, you probably already knew we were going to write about it.  The Parapsychology Foundation is a non-profit which offers a scholarship to students who posess mental telepathy.




10. Vegetarian Scholarship

Vegetarian ScholarshipIf you have been a vegetarian throughout your life and have proclamined it to the heavens and anyone else who would listen, you could win $10,000!




Have you come across any weird university financial aid programs?  If so, share them with us by commenting below.


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