Ups and Downs that made up 2016

It’s safe to say that 2016 was tumultuous, internationally and personally. I want to hope, pray, cross my fingers and wish upon a star for absolutely no more “excitement” in 2017.

Then, there’s a part of me that knows all too well that life goes on. Things keep changing, things keep happening, and we keep learning. Every new curveball is trickier to catch than the previous. If we’re fortunate, we have just enough time to catch our breath before bracing ourselves for the next one. I keep aiming to face the next one and say, “You’re not escaping me this time!” It probably will escape me, but that will not make me give up.

If I had to pick just one lesson I learned from 2016, it is that “It’s never really over.” A post-credits scene always pops up, (sometimes two) and sometimes, the movie isn’t over at all! Well, by that measure, the last year and a half has been like four movies without a single break! I’ve been pulled, pushed, crushed, ground, boiled, frozen and baked, and despite it all, I do not regret any of it. I could not imagine myself without the influence of all these infinite moments that strengthened me. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

Winning is rising each time you fall

Summing up 2016: I got my first C in a class, (and to my relief, realized that the world did not end because of that). Within a week, I lost multiple people close to me, only to learn to reach out to the people I still had and tell them how much I value them while they can still hear me. Life punched me in the face only to make me discover that I could punch back harder. My heart broke into a million pieces only to let more love enter through the cracks. A few of us RAs put off all our plans for Fall Break to hunker down in anticipation of a Category 4 hurricane, that miraculously changed course at the last minute. Florida Tech was left unscathed but for a few fallen trees, and I spent 48 memorable hours without power and with a bunch of amazing people.

Pirates of The Caribbean brought to you by Columbia Village Resident Assistants! Yes, we built the ships, had a fog machine and we even had a sprinkler system to create ‘rainfall’

Seventeen-year-old Sakhee would be shocked to see how I survived one hell week (one conference and three midterms) after another (more midterms), and still woke up on time to take the GRE Physics on Saturday morning. I even dressed up as a pirate for Treat-or-Treat, and, then managed to be on duty that night. A major chunk of the credit for this goes to the beautiful friends I have. Their unwavering faith in me deserves more credit for my achievements and my grades than my efforts. These are people who truly mean when they say “You’ve got this!” and thus, make me believe it too.

A book of opposites where Crow, Wagtail, Seagull and Poldy (a scarecrow) go through a day where nothing goes according to plan, but they have fun anyway.

With Good Friends

“Even a bad day spent with good friends can be fun.” Florida Tech has so many of these “good friends” that it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye when I have to leave. True, 2016 saw me cry, and feel hopeless. However, 2016 also saw me thankful for the beauty that surrounds me. I hugged my loved ones a little more tightly and kept my eyes on the bigger picture.

To 2017:

I cannot shun practicality and wish you calm and blissful years ahead, but, I can and will wish you immense strength to jump hurdles, bursts of sunshine on cloudy days and loved ones to hold on to if the world starts crumbling around you.

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