Wake Up!


Midterms have come and gone, and for most people that’s the big wake-up call that tells you to buckle down and make sure your grades are where you want them to be or to make sure they get there fast. It also a wake-up call because right after midterms comes a long stretch of holidays and time off. It can be kind of a scary thing since in high school you had half the year before real midterms, but here you have half of that half for one course. I guess that’s good since we finish our degree plan in 4 years. In college it is definitively much scarier than high school, especially because around the time of midterms we start choosing our courses for next semester and choosing the prerequisites for our major and you better not mess that up unless you want to waste and extra semester doing courses.

Needless to say I’m kind of stressed if you can’t tell by now. Honestly, I was going to go with a computer related blog post, but I’m a bit burned out and this subject was much easier to write on in my state of the freshman flu. Yeah worry about that too. Just some word of advice: This shouldn’t be stressful at all if you just stay ahead, something I urge all of you to do to make it easy on yourselves. Now that I’ve gotten my final piece of homework out of the way I’m going to have the best sleep of my life. Goodnight.

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