Washington Lobbyist hears SoM research proposals

Bobby Mills, a Washington DC Congressional lobbyist, visited Florida Tech on November 10 and 11 to learn about research projects here that may that may be
of interest to the US Congress. Mr. Mills heard Florida Tech research reports from the College of Engineering, School of Psychology, College of Science and
Liberal Arts, and the School of Aeronautics. The School of Management project team was represented by Dean Hollingsworth, Dr. Deborah Carstens and Dr.
Judith Barlow. Dr. Deborah Carstens presented a proposal entitled “Knowledge Management in Emergency Room Operations”. The goal of this project is to
minimize the chance of medical errors in hospital emergency room treatments. Local hospitals are partners in this project. Dr. Judith Barlow presented a
proposal entitled The Impact of Alternative Health Delivery Policies. Dr. Barlow has been working on this project with Dr. Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Chair of
the University of Bangor Centre for the Economics of Health, and North Wales Health Authority. This project has been funded by grants from the British
National Health Service and the European Community Advanced Informatics in Medicine program. While it would be exciting to receive funding from the US
Congress, School of Management faculty have already submitted grant proposals to other government agencies including the National Institutes for Health
(NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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