WebSurveyor Software Grant Helps Florida Tech Management Faculty

– Florida Tech assistant professor of management, B. Andrew Cudmore, recently received a grant for the WebSurveyor software, valued at an estimated
$250,000. The software is available to the school’s faculty to create and administer Web-based surveys for one year, starting late Jan, 2004.

WebSurveyor is used for conducting surveys on the Internet. The software allows the user to create questionnaires, publish surveys, announce the surveys to
an audience, and then collect, analyze and report on the results.

“This provides an environment where an unlimited number of faculty and students can conduct an unlimited number of surveys over the Internet or the
university’s intranet,” said Cudmore. “The software is a great application of current technology for our students to experience and it exemplifies the
increasing importance of Internet-based market research for many firms today.” WebSurveyor was launched in 1998. Within six months, the company had more
than 100 customers. Today, thousands of organizations worldwide use WebSurveyor technology.

Florida Tech offers bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business administration, business and environmental studies, information systems and management
information systems as well as the master’s of business administration degree.

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