Welcome back!

My second semester here at Florida Tech is now underway and I’m more than happy to be back! Christmas break left me a bit stir crazy and really missing my time here at school. Eager to get back to my education and my friends really has shown me how much I like this school. Now that the first semester is done I feel that I’m a little more “college-smart” and can share some knowledge to some incoming freshmen about their first semester of college and more specifically at Florida Tech.

1. The library is your friend. Crazy roommates? Too loud to study? Get your butt on over to the library cause it’s quieter than space in there.

2. Flex Cash runs out FAST. Flex cash is a little spending money you get every semester that you can spend at on-campus locations. Yay, free money! That free money will be gone sooner than you think with the mountain of milkshakes you just bought from the RAT.

3. Your sleep schedule is as fragile as glass. Get to bed on time if you don’t want to wake up for your 8am class and feel like a zombie all day…then consequently the rest of the week.

4. Get your work done on time. If you let your work pile up you’ll be one stressed out college student trying to complete it all in a time crunch.

5. Get a job. A little cash on the side is nice and it’s especially good to have when everything from the dining hall starts to taste the same.

Take my advice and go have yourself a great semester!

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