Welcome to Florida Tech International Students!

Welcome to the Florida Institute of Technology. My name is Nabila Tabassum, but everyone calls me Nabs or Nabbie. I have a long list of nicknames but you can call me by my first name or nicknames. I’m 21 years old and in my junior year pursuing a BS in Pre-med Biology. My parents are from India, but I was raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have lived in Dubai all my life until I had to go to college and moved to Melbourne, Florida.

After I moved, my family moved to another country, Qatar due to my father’s job. During my junior year of high school, I found out about Florida Tech. Since then, I was accepted with credits and a scholarship. Now I am part of the college and enjoy the monthly events and having fun with friends. Currently, I am the PR of American Chemical Society Student Affiliates (ACS), and Vice-President of Street Dance Club (SDC). I am also part of the Pre-Med Club and Tri-Beta Honor Society.

All the staff and faculty are helpful to the students in the freshmen year. When I first arrived here, I was excited to start a new life away from home. I was sad to stay far from my family, but happy for such a moment. I entered during the spring of 2010, so if you miss the fall semester you can apply for the spring semester. All the new students needed to go through the orientation to get to know the college better. I was nervous to go, but my dad tagged along with me. Next, I collected my key and College ID card to access my room, laundry and library books.

Since I was living on campus, they offered me to choose from 3 different meal plans. I chose the 7 days a week and some flex cash. Flex cash can be used at other cafe on campus. My favorite ones are Black Kat Kafe (BKK) and Student Union Building (Sub). I was really nervous to meet my roommates. In the end, 2 of them were athletes while the third roommate joined the same year as I did and became my best friend.

Florida Institute of Technology has a lot to give to students. I made new friends in class which helped me better understand the culture here. The professors are here to help you, so be sure to visit them during their office hours or make an appointment. As an international student, we have plenty of opportunities to get around campus. I know I had a great freshman year, and sometimes I wish I could repeat it!  I made great memories with friends, had great professors and had crazy all- nighters studying for the exams.

Well here are the links to my Street Dance Club page and my Facebook page if you need any help or advice on navigating life at Florida Tech as an international student. Don’t forget to check my pictures out.
See you all soon.


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