WFIT Presents Al Stewart

– WFIT 89.5FM, a service of Florida Tech, presents Al Stewart, vocalist and acoustic guitarist, on Friday, Jan. 27, 2006 at 8 p.m. His show will be in the
Gleason Performing Arts Center on the campus of Florida Tech.

Stewart, best known for recording Year of the Cat, was born in Scotland, where he began his career playing electric guitar with various dance hall bands.
Moving to London, he began playing Bob Dylan songs on the acoustic guitar and released his first solo single, The Elf. Stewart soon gained a following
among students and released two more albums, which reflected his lifestyle. Following his so-called “confessional” albums, Stewart turned his attention to
“history” albums and gained U.S. attention. He next recorded Modern Times, which was more folk-rock based.

Moving to California, Stewart worked with producer Alan Parsons on his project, Year of the Cat. With enigmatic lyrics and memorable guitar and saxophone
solos, this became his most popular album and was a world-wide hit. Later, his interest and expertise in vintage French wine inspired his album, Down in
the Cellar.

Stewart’s latest work, A Beach Full of Shells, revisits some of his familiar themes such as history, the sea and the social effects of war. Stewart said
that, musically, he seems to have gone full circle, doing what he was doing in the 60s.

“I’m back to being the acoustic singer-songwriter that I was before I got subverted into being an American pop star,” he said.

Today, more reflective and maturing gracefully, he is once again setting intelligent lyrics about unusual subjects to beautifully intricate melodies.

Call WFIT 89.5FM, 321-674-8950, and reserve your tickets for Al Stewart, the “Man for All Seasons,” according to Acoustic Magazine. Tickets are $15 for
WFIT members, $18 for prospective members and $20 at the door.

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