WFIT Radio Receives Community Foundation of Brevard Grant

– WFIT radio, a service of Florida Tech, recently received a grant from Community Foundation of Brevard to help replace the broadcast studio hard drive.
Because WFIT has been regularly experiencing data loss and file corruption, it’s necessary to upgrade the obsolete hard drive to ensure the accuracy of
WFIT’s scheduling and on-air playback.
It is impossible to purchase repair parts for the current hard drive as they are no longer manufactured. Replacement of this vital equipment will prevent
future hardware glitches and the down time they cause.
WFIT appreciates the Community Foundation of Brevard for its support and grant. The foundation, a philanthropic, nonprofit organization, administers
charitable endowment funds. A cornerstone for philanthropy, the Community Foundation will serve the Brevard County area of Florida for generations to
A noncommercial, public radio station, WFIT obtains funding for operations and equipment from individual listener gifts, local business support, grants,
and special fund raising events. Continued community and grant support is essential for WFIT to maintain and improve its service to its listening area.

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