A Florida Tech Campus Lingo Guide

Each college is different and has its own language. At Florida Tech, students and faculty have their own way of talking. Below is a list of words and abbreviations you may hear and see your first couple of weeks.

Adjunct Faculty – Visiting or part time instructors

ASC – Academic Support Center, which offers free tutoring.

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act. Requires reasonable accommodations including extended test time, low distraction testing, preferential seating, use of assistive technology and housing modifications.

Audit – To take a course without credit.

Babcock – Main road next to Florida Tech. Perpendicular with New Haven Road and Palm Bay Road.

Babcock Oaks – Where the College of Business and offices are located.

Bachelor’s Degree – A degree received after completing four years at a university in a specific study.

Course Numbers – Numbers that indicate the level of the course and identification for the course.

CV – Columbia Village residence halls.

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aide. Students complete this form each year to see if they are eligible for money from the government. Also used to see if student is eligible for scholarships.

Flex – Part of the meal plan, on the student ID card. This money can be used at any dinning facility and vending machine on campus. (For food purchases only)

GSA – Graduate Student Assistant. Usually teaches labs and helps professors administer exams.

ISBN – An unique number assigned to a book title by its publisher for tracking and ordering purposes.

IT – Information Technology. Also known as Tech Support. Helps with any problems or questions regarding computers.

Jungle – The Botanical Gardens on campus. Over 300 species of plants and 200 species of palm trees, takes up 30% of campus. Nice to walk through between classes.

Major – A focus on a specific field of study, interest, or career.

The MAC – Mathematics Advancement Center

Minor – A secondary focus on a different field of study, interest, or career.

New Haven Avenue – Major road north of Florida Tech that includes Downtown Melbourne. Is part of U.S. Route 192.

Palm Bay Road – Major road south of Florida Tech in Palm Bay. Provides access to Interstate 95.

Panther Cash – Money a student deposits onto his or her ID card. This money is used for: purchases in the bookstore, laundry facilities, photocopy services, printing in the library, and special services at the Health Center.

Panther Prep Leader or PPL – The title of the students in charge of helping all new students adjust to campus life during Orientation.

PDH – Panther Dining Hall

The Quad – Academic Quad. The buildings surrounding the courtyard house labs, lecture classrooms, administrative offices and department storage facilities.

The RAT – Rathskeller. A dining facility on campus. Located under Evans hall. Serves grilled food items, has small convenience store, pool tables, video games, cyber den, coffee house, stage, and large screen tv.

Res. Hall – Residence Hall where students live on campus.

The SUB – Student Union Building. Inside is the bookstore, mailroom, SUBDeli, Student Life Office, and student organizations’ offices.

TRACKS – Username and password that is the student’s electronic signature that is used to login to any computer on campus and complete any online function related to Florida Tech.

192 – U.S. Route 192. Provides access to Interstate 95.

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