What Should I Bring?

You are only months away from moving into your new home!

There is much to do before the big day. Ads from Target and Bed Bath and Beyond clutter your mailbox with sales for linens and decorations and bathroom supplies! Unfortunately, you cannot bring everything you own with you. After getting your housing assignment, research to see what is in the dorm, the items allowed and buy what you need around that. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Deciding Where to Shoppack

You can find dorm supplies in almost any store. But, where can you find the best options for the best price? Florida Tech has your linens online and there are many different packages to choose from. Or, you can order your stuff online and pick up your items at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond instead of bringing the big stuff from home.

What to Pack

  • Reusable and disposable dishes: Having dishes is great for late night snacks or microwavable soup. Many dorms have kitchens in them or in the common rooms. Making meals with your roommate is fun and having something eat your “home-cooked meal” off of is even better!
  • Quarters: Bring quarters to pay for laundry. You can load money onto your ID to pay for laundry, but sometimes it is easier to pay with change.

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  • Dry-Erase Board: These boards have multiple uses! They are great for leaving messages for roommates or neighbors or studying for school. They are a cool decoration for any dorm and come in many shapes and colors.
  • Hanging strips: Hanging strips, like Command Strips, are an easy way to hang and take down decorations. You cannot put holes in the walls and these sticky strip will not mess up your wall. There are even strips for your shower!
  • Containers: Bring containers in different sizes to hold your stuff. There are different kinds, from one drawer to desk size containers. You can stack them as well! You can also buy different types of hanging closet storage for shoes, shirts and accessories  to maximize your closet space
  • Stock up: You will be surprised how fast you use toilet paper and paper towels. Those soaps look cute now at Bath and Body Works, but they will be gone in a week! Buying a soap dispenser and an economy bottle of soap will last you through the semester.
  • Professional clothes: You will have many opportunities to participate in research, presentations, internships and other events that require formal attire. If you do not know how to iron, buy a steamer. It takes less time and you will be wrinkle free without the hassle of an ironing board.

Florida Tech Essentials:

  • packAt Orientation, you will receive your student ID, ID case and room and mail keys. Bring a lanyard to attach your keys and case to so you do not lose either.
  • Accidents happen all the time, especially in labs so be sure to pack a first aid kit. If you bring a car,create an emergency car kit so you do not get stuck on the side of the road after a day at the beach.
  • While printing is available at the library, having your own printer/scanner is great when you print 15 page lab reports at 3 a.m. Just remember to bring ink!
  • Students get around campus many ways. Some bike, others skateboard or scooter! There are racks for students to hang their boards while they hangout, study or eat. If you bring a bike, buy a reliable and sturdy lock that is difficult to cut.
  • Do not forget your rain gear! Pack your rain boots, jacket and umbrella because when it is not sunny, it is raining! Two years ago, there were crazy storms and students who did not bring any rain gear were soaked walking around campus!
  • Although the weather is hot most of the year, November to March will have cool days where you need something longer than shorts and a t-shirt. Pack a couple of long-sleeves or light jackets and pants so you are prepared.
  • You do not want to leave your swim suit at home! Florida is home to gorgeous beaches, lakes and springs you will visit during your years at Florida Tech. Pack sunscreen, your swimsuit and a blanket. You can buy beach chairs and accessories at stores near school.

If you are an international student, be sure to pack all official documents and identification and check there is a place to withdrawal money. Having all documents with you is good in case you apply for job or internship.

When You Arrive at School

Many students rent storage units with their friends during the summer. Renting a storage unit is a good idea because you do not have to take all your stuff with you. They are great for international students and students who live hours away.

Here is Florida Tech’s official packing list. See you soon Panthers!

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