What’s a Student’s Schedule Like?

First week of classes down! My schedule is arranged differently compared to what most other students have, but here’s the breakdown of mine with simplified course names.

  • Monday: Calc 8-8:50, Chem 11-11:50, Comm/Rhetoric 12-12:50, C++ 1-1:50
  • Tuesday: Calc 8-8:50
  • Wednesday: Calc 8-8:50, University Experience 10-10:50, Chem 11-11:50, Comm/Rhetoric 12-12:50, C++ 1-1:50
  • Thursday: Calc 8-8:50
  • Friday: Calc 8-8:50, Chem 11-11:50, Comm/Rhetoric 12-12:50, C++ 1-1:50, Intro to Aerospace Eng 2-3:50

Most other students I’ve heard from have their courses more evenly distributed throughout the week. M/W/F days for me are really full for a college schedule and they’re closer to the full schedule of high school, but this is balanced out with my Tuesdays and Thursdays only having one morning class and I absolutely love having the rest of those days free!

After this first week I already feel confident in two very important things. First of all, I’m confident in my choice in major. Second, I’m extremely confident that our department and the College of Engineering has developed the best possible curriculum which  provides students a solid foundation of an education right from the get go. These confidences are so important to having a successful career in and out of school, and knowing that I’d feel this way here was definitely a personal selling point when I was thinking about where I wanted to go after getting into different universities.

If you have any questions about any specifics from this post (such as how activities and sports fit in with a college schedule, or even about the topics in the courses I’m currently taking listed above) then comment away and I’ll get back to you :). Thanks!

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