Camp Inspires Future Women in STEM, June 25-July 1

Inspiring the next generation of Women in STEM is the goal of a brand new summer camp. It’s called – Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS). Participants will get hands-on experience in cutting-edge STEM fields. Topics will include marine and environmental sciences, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering. Campers will be introduced to graph theory, statistics, data mining, mathematical modeling techniques and software. They will also gain problem solving and analytical thinking skills.

Over the past decade, growth in STEM jobs has been three-times greater than non-STEM jobs. Filling these jobs with qualified applicants is crucial for staying competitive on a global basis. But a survey commissioned by Microsoft shows that only 1 in 5 college students feel their K–12 education prepared them for college courses in STEM

Women hold a significantly lower share of STEM degrees. In America, even though the field offers more jobs and higher pay – there are too few women in STEM. Just under 7-percent of women graduate with a science, technology, engineering or math degree. Therefore they have been traditionally underrepresented in the STEM workforce. Less than 25-percent of women in the U.S. are working in STEM-related jobs.  Studies have shown that most women who chose a STEM field, made the decision in high school and say it was due to the influence of a class or teacher.  

The Future of Women in STEM: GEMS – Girls in Engineering, Math and Science

GEMS will expose students to a variety of STEM fields including cybersecurity and hardware security, network analysis and logic applied statistical analysis and information technology. Planned field trips and events include travel to Sebastian Inlet, a turtle walk, a visit to Larsen Motorsports and a tour of the Florida Tech Laser/Plasma Spray Lab. There will also be several career talks and after-dinner social events.

Both overnight and commuter options are available. The camp is open to high school students. It runs June 25 through July 1. For more information visit, Florida Tech Summer Camps.

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