How Women are Treated in High-Power Postions

(Photo: Jarin R. Eisenberg)

It took a long time for women to be accepted in the workplace, let alone be hired to leadership positions. While we have come a long way, there are some workplaces where women and men are still not treated equally. Women in the workplace are judged for how they dress, the amount of hours they spend in the office as opposed to at home with their families and whether or not they have the ability to be in the high-powered roles.

As business owners, CEOs and executives, it is crucial to make women feel empowered and equal. There are many resources available to women in the workplace now and it is important that we, as leaders, provide and support the use of these resources.

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY guest author Jarin Eisenberg, project manager for the Women’s Business Center at Florida Tech, discusses the challenges women face in the workplace as leaders and how to overcome them. Read more HERE.

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