Women’s Varsity Eight and Women’s Novice Four Take First at 2006 Fall FIRA Classic

FELLESMERE, Fla. (rowing) — Both the men’s and the women’s rowing teams combined for four first place finishes out of the eleven events at today’s 2006 Fall
FIRA Classic hosted by Florida Tech at Canal 54. Eight institutions participated in the annual fall FIRA event including eight men’s programs and seven
women’s programs from the following schools: Barry University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Tech, Nova Southeastern University, Rollins
College, Stetson University, University of Central Florida & University of Florida.

Tech also placed second in two events and third in two events. Panthers excelled in the men’s varsity eight and the women’s varsity eight races taking home
the blue ribbons in the first two events. The women had a winning time of 11:29 defeating NSU, Stetson and Rollins. The men finished the two mile course
with the best time of the day at 10:35 overcoming Florida’s A boat by two seconds. Tech men also shut down Florida’s B boat along with Central Florida’s A
& B boats.

Senior coxswain Morgan Tweedie (Osprey, Fla.) helped lead her team to the victory. Fellow seniors’ stroke oar Rachel Purvis (Brockville, Ontario) and seven
seat Jessie House (Satellite Beach, Fla.) pushed the team in the stern followed by; junior six seat Anna Beaman (Pittsboro, Ind.), freshman five seat Sam
Roman (Jacksonville, Fla.), freshman four seat Cheryl Skibski (Tolland, Mass.), freshman three seat Amanda Saeger (Des Plaines, Ill.), freshman two seat
Julie Mabry (St. Louis, Mo.), and freshman bow Mikaela Devaux (Gros-Islet, St. Lucia).

On the men’s side the men’s varsity eight consisted of senior coxswain Aliyah Snyder (Niceville, Fla.), junior stroke oar Steve Lindstrom (Blackstone,
Mass.), freshman seven seat Kevin Moore (Mays Landing, N.J.), sophomore six seat Tyler Jandreau (China, Maine), sophomore five seat Matt Lipka (Nashua,
Sophomore four seat Ray Deskins III (Sterling, Va.), junior three seat Kris Grobel (Jacksonville, Fla.), sophomore two seat Ryan Krajcik (Orange, Conn.)
and senior bow Tim Osterhout (Pensacola, Fla.)

The other two blue ribbon performances for Tech resulted in two first places for the men’s novice B four and the women’s novice A four. The winning time in
the MN”B”4 was 11:43 while the women’s top time in the WN”A”4 was 14:18.

The men’s novice B four was crewed by freshman coxswain Sarah Hall (Fayetteville, Ga.), freshman Aaron Riggs, freshman Brent Wolf, freshman Steven Bell and
freshman bow Matt Landau. The women’s novice A four included: freshman coxswain Ana Mantilla (Quito, Ecuador), Mabry, Saeger, Skibiski and Devaux.

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Canal 54, Fellesmere, Florida
Two Mile Course

Florida Tech Men’s Team

Men’s Varsity Eight
Aliyah Snyder- coxswain
8.Steve Lindstrom
7. Kevin Moore
6. Tyler Jandreau
5. Matt Lipka
4. Ray Deskins
3. Kris Groble
2. Ryan Krajcik
1. Tim Osterhout

Men’s Varsity Four
Rachel Hillyer-coxswain
4. Steve Lindstrom
3. Brian Pierce
2. Brandon Adams
1. Tim Osterhout

Men’s Novice “A” Eight
Christa Blaisdell-coxswain
8.David Hoover
7. Van Van Etten
6. Travis Schramek
5. Mark Moyou
4. Wesley Dunne
3. Matt Strand
2. Logan Sailer
1. Mike Mathews

Men’s Novice “B” Eight
Sarah Hall-coxswain
8. Brent Wolf
7. Aaron Riggs
6. Phil Griffin
5. Jake Darcy
4. Josh Lappen
3. Charles Pearson
2. Randy Boe
1. Steven Bell

Men’s Novice “A” Four
Christa Blaisdell-coxswain
4. Van Van Etten
3. David Hoover
2. Matt Strand
1. Wesley Dunne

Men’s Novice “B” Four
Sarah Hall-coxswain
4. Aaron Rigs
3. Brent Wolf
2. Steven Ball
1. Matt Landau

Florida Tech Women’s Team

Women’s Varsity Eight
Morgan Tweedie-coxswain
8. Rachel Purvis
7. Jessie House
6. Anna Beaman
5. Sam Roman
4. Cheryl Skibski
3. Amanda Saeger
2. Julie Mabry
1. Micki Devaraux

Women’s Varsity Four
Morgan Tweedie-coxswain
4. Rachel Purvis
3. Jessie House
2. Anna Beaman
1. Sam Roman

Women’s Novice “A” Eight
Ana Mantilla-coxswain
8. Laurel Borgias
7. Paula Cicate
6. Courtney Pietrapaolo
5. Naomi Bordick
4. Stephanie Love
3. Clarice Cote
2. Kelsey Cyr
1. Mikaela Saser

Women’s Novice “A” Four
Ana Mantilla-coxswain
4. Julie Mabry
3. Amanda Saeger
2. Cheryl Skibski
1. Micki Devoux

Women’s Novice “B” Four
Clarice Cote-coxswain
4. Laurel Borgias
3. Paula Cicak
2. Mugdha Bansode
1. Naomi Bordick

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