All Work, No Play? No Thanks!

By Shannon Sullivan, Business Administration and Marketing ‘14

One of the things that I love most about Florida Tech is that there is always a chance to find an outlet for your passions and to find something that you really enjoy doing on the side. Schoolwork is obviously of great importance, but so is being a well-rounded student with interests outside of piles of homework. From college players, our school’s drama group, to religious groups and anime clubs, there really is an organization or opportunity for every interest.

As I’ve talked about before, music is my passion, and over the past few months, I ‘ve had the chance to volunteer at our school NPR station, WFIT, writing album and concert reviews. Most recently, I blogged about seeing Arctic Monkeys in Orlando. I have to say, standing at the concert knowing it was part of my “job” to talk about it, was pretty awesome. Working with WFIT has given me a chance not only to pad my resume for when it comes time to find a job, it gives me an extra place to freak out over new music and concerts, much to the happiness of my friends that are usually on the receiving end of my word vomits, I’m sure. For someone like me, there are few things better than being able to give my opinion on the topic I love the most, so I’m very thankful the awesome staff at the station has been able to accommodate me.

Even though Florida Tech is a relatively small school, entering into a large group of completely new people can be really intimidating freshman year, which is one of the many reasons why it’s so imperative to look around and see what extracurricular is best for you. One of the most popular options is Greek life. While I never went Greek myself, many of my friends did, and they will all tell you how great of a decision it was and how much they enjoy it.

If nothing really jumps out to you, no need to fret! If you have a different pastime that you think would make an excellent club, all you need to do is get together a group of people also looking to join, find an academic supporter, and you should be all set! College is all about balancing it all. Not only does joining an organization of some type ensure that your passions won’t fall by the wayside, it gives you an opportunity discover new interests and make lifelong friends while you’re doing it.

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