Working the Career Expo as a Student Employer

Hi everyone, my name is Jahleel Gomez-Womack and I’m currently enrolled as a Grad Student Online pursuing a Masters in Human Factors in Aeronautics. I graduated from Florida Tech in December 2018 with a BS in Aeronautical Science with Flight and a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems. I’m currently employed at FIT Aviation as a flight instructor, as well as with Republic Airlines as a Rjet Ambassador.

In 2017, I applied to be a Rjet Ambassador with Republic Airlines after successfully passing my cadet interview and being offered a Conditional Job Offer (CJO) for a First Officer position with Republic Airlines upon graduation and attaining all my flight hours. Being an ambassador, I’m the liaison between Florida Tech and Republic Airlines. As a result, I have students send me their resumes and then forward them onto Republic, as well as attend the career expo as an employee of Republic. I review students who have interest in Republic for not only pilot positions, but also corporate opportunities within the airline. It’s been honestly very insightful and amazing to be on the other side of the career expo, and it also gives me the opportunity to give feedback to students on what they can fix and what they can do to improve their “first impression” since I was so recently in their shoes. I can’t wait to attend future career expos at Florida Tech because it also gives me that Panther Pride in being able to give back to a community that has given me – and continues to give me – so much and make me who I am.

I would like to personally say the Career Management Services office does an amazing job at the career expo every semester and is honestly a resource that students should use more often because of the services they provide, which is preparing for life after college! So I say to everyone, see you at the next career expo and use the resources available, because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today! GO Panthers!

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