Working toward my future at Florida Tech


By Matt Silbert

After a 15-year break following high school graduation, I decided to resume my pursuit of higher education at Florida Tech.  Since finishing up high school in Central Indiana, I have enjoyed a fairly successful career in telecommunications that has carried me 2,100 miles from my birthplace to where I currently reside in California with my wife, two kids and three dogs.

When I’m not working or studying in an effort to earn my B.S. in computer information systems, I enjoy spending as much time outside with my family as possible.  Some of the activities we enjoy together include the numerous gems the great State of California has to offer including its sunny beaches, amazing state and national parks, snowboarding and going to a wide variety of sporting events.  Away from the family, I can usually be found on a golf course or sitting at my computer composing snarky commentary on just about anything and everything that grabs my attention.

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