Zombie Apocalypse!

So the main thoughts of going to college involve having a lot of challenging classes, getting involved on campus with Greek life or clubs, and working part time or having an internship. Not once in my mind has the action ‘fighting zombies’ gone hand in hand with the typical college experience.

Yes, you read correctly; fighting zombies. There is a club on campus called Campus Activity Board (CAB) which is in charge of getting rid of boredom on campus. These are the group of people that put on all the events like carnivals, concerts and block parties around campus. One of their most unique and fun activities that happens on campus is the epic game of Humans Vs Zombies.

What it is:
Basically, it is a giant game of tag throughout campus. Everyone begins as a “Human” with a couple of “Zombies” thrown in. The different sides are denoted with bright orange bandannas. The humans wear their bandannas around their arms that say HUMAN while zombies wear it around their head proudly displaying ZOMBIE in big black letters.


The objective depends on what side one is on. If you’re a human, the objective is to remain human as long as possible and fight off contamination from other zombies. If you’re a Zombie, the objective is to avoid getting stunned by humans and to survive by not starving out (zombies are required to feed at least once every two days).

Defense mechanisms:

Humans have several ways of defending themselves against Zombies. The main choice of weaponry are various types of NERF guns. There are automatic rifles, typical 6 barrel hand guns, and weird hybrids of multiple types of guns. Humans are also allowed to use melee NERF weapons such as swords or maces. The less popular yet most traditional method of defense is sock bombs! (Yes, sock bombs. They literally are socks rolled into balls.)

This is a very unique and interactive way to not only get involved, but to have fun and release some of the stress gained from midterms by hunting for zombies. It is fantastic to be walking around campus and see a human run past you and then see the zombie chasing after the human. Even some of the faculty gets involved in the fight as well! On the second week of the game, there are three missions which the players can take part in and winning side gets an extra bonus. This is just one of the many fun activities which Florida Tech has to offer on campus in order to make your college experience one to remember!

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