Aspiring Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Startups

 1. Make it essential; fix the pain, and be needed Don’t just have a good idea, invention or solution to a problem that people want—have one that people NEED. If the customer needs you, there is much more value to your company and acquirers will find this attractive, as gaining customer loyalty and maintaining long-term relationships will help generate income on…

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Top 6 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

1. Be Your Own Boss In my opinion, this is the number one reason why you should start your own business.  Not only do you get to make all the decisions, you also don’t have to deal with a boss who may be someone less qualified than you. Be your own boss, make the right decisions and get all the…

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Check Out Florida Tech’s Intro to Ocean Engineering

One of the coolest and most entertaining Florida Tech departments is the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems in the College of Engineering. If you have not figured out where the department is located, look for the crimson and white colored building between Gleason Performing Arts Center and Evans Library. I spent a good portion of my undergraduate and graduate…

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Getting a Job While Going to School

I am writing this post from downtown Nashville.  Tomorrow, I’ll be skyping from Atlanta with my group members to discuss a project for one of my master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship classes, and then I will do some audiovisual support for the Country Music Awards and after party.  The day after that, I’ll be taking an online test for Essentials…

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Top 5 Tips to Holiday Travel: Florida Tech Student Edition

With holidays approaching, I would like to give Florida Tech students who are flying home a few pointers to make their day a lot less stressful. So, I introduce you to the “Top 5 Tips to Holiday Travel: Florida Tech Student Edition.” 5.  Pack Light – Believe it or not, you do not need your blow dryer, seven pair of…

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Business

(Photo Credit: Ashley Chapman Designs) When is it a good time to start your own business?  Most people think that the best time is after college, or after working in the industry for a few years.   But what might surprise you is that an increasing number of college students are beginning to use their school resources to develop their idea…

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