How to Pick the Perfect College Roommate

A roommate can make or break your college experience, and it is likely that you will have more than one roommate during your time in college. I have had the unique privilege of having new roommates each year of college. I have had assigned roommates, an assigned roommate join me for another year, a group of women in a house…

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5 Tips for Success After Getting Into Graduate School

To follow up with a previous blog about the 5 Tips for Getting Into Graduate School, I wanted to discuss some tips for being successful after getting into grad school. For those of you beginning your graduate degree, congrats! It is such a relief to be done with the GRE, recommendation letters and the whole application process. What now? Well,…

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A Day in the Life of an FIT Grad Student

In a previous blog post, I discussed the differences between grad and undergrad. To give you a more in-depth look, I want to give you a firsthand look into my life as graduate student at Florida Tech. What better way to do this than to use pictures to show what my average day looks like? My mornings tend to start a bit early…

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Grad vs. Undergrad: 5 Ways They’re Different

One of my biggest questions I had when applying for grad school was, “What is grad school going to be like and how will it be different than undergrad?” For me, grad school was this big question that no one was really able to answer. Besides my brother-in-law who went to Harvard to get his MBA, I am the first…

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Get Involved: The Key to Success in Grad School

Getting involved is one crucial thing I have learned about graduate school. My involvement started last spring after I received my acceptance letter from Florida Tech. I immediately contacted the graduate chair in the College of Aeronautics, Dr. Steve Cusick, and my journey through graduate school began. Upon arriving in Florida, I reached out to the professors. There is no…

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Florida Tech’s Aviation Safety “Stand Down” Symposium

Back in October, flights were canceled and the College of Aeronautics (COA) gathered together in the Gleason Center for the Performing Arts to discuss safety in the aviation industry. The discussion was named an aviation “stand down,” which meant that flight students and faculty were unable to fly this day. This event was held by the College of Aeronautics Alumni…

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It’s a Man’s World: A Discussion on Women in Aviation

Recently, I wrote a graduate paper for my Legal and Ethical Issues in Aviation class that looked at the barriers preventing women from entering the aviation industry. The aviation industry, in the famous words of James Brown, is a “man’s world.” I looked at some of the barriers that hinder women from entering into this technical field. The largest issue…

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Painlessly Quick: Grad School Registration Process

During your undergrad career, registering for classes can be a bit of a hassle and cause panic, but in grad school the registration process is painless. Graduate students at Graduate students at Florida Tech get the opportunity to register in the first tier, which means first pick of classes. This is a wonderful change from the undergrad experience because no…

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