2nd Annual Recycle Regatta

This year the 2014 Marine & Environmental Science Camp held its Annual Recycle Regatta! All campers received a lesson in Ocean Engineering/Naval Architecture, which highlighted the consequences of a poor ship design (and user error). They were then given the opportunity to design their own ‘sail boat’. Younger campers were given juice boxes, pencils, note cards, and 2 feet of…

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Marine Science Camp: I’ll ‘Crush’ You

Today Marine and Environmental Science Campers learned about the structure of crab claws and how they crush animals that live inside of seashells! They tested the strength of various sea shells to see how the shells will hold up against predators such as snow crabs!           Campers also learned about the effects of fertilizers on the…

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Marine Science Camp off to an ‘Acidic’ Start

Its that time of year again! The Marine and Environmental Science Camp is back! The 2014 season commenced with investigations into Ocean Acidification. Each camper selected various corals and shells to determine the effects of a changing ocean pH on a calcium carbonate structure. Campers will observe changes in appearance and weight over the course of five days, testing out hypotheses on the…

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Dates Announced for Marine and Environmental Science Camp 2014

This year the Marine and Environmental Science Camp will be held from July 21-July 25, 2014. We have options for both day and overnight campers! More information can be found on the Camp Website: All ages, 10 and up, are welcome to join us for a fun-filled week of Marine and Environmental Science!  

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