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FAQ #4: Where are we going with our online theses and dissertations?

2016 is an important transitional year for graduate studies at Florida Tech.  The academic year 2015-2016 was our last to be paper-focused for submitting theses and dissertations.  Next school year—beginning in the Fall of 2016—we are moving to electronic submission as our primary medium for these documents of high academic achievement.  We in Evans Library will make them available by…

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FAQ #3: Can I budget Open Access fees in a grant?

In a word, YES!  In the spirit of the Whitehouse’s 2013 OSTP memorandum on Open Access (OA) you can expect U.S. federal grant funders to allow including a line in your direct costs for fees associated with publishing your project write-ups and associated data.  The precedents extend from OMB A-21, the foundational budgetary document for federal research grants to higher…

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FAQ #2: How do I know if a journal is predatory or not?

This is a critical question for us to answer—especially since librarians have been advocating heavily for Open Access (OA), and since it is in the OA realm where this predation is rampant, so I believe we share significant responsibility to help navigate these perilous waters.  (For more background on OA, you may want to refer to my post from Open…

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FAQ #1: Why do I need an ORCID?

As promised last week, our first Scholar as Author blog post will address the question: Why do I need an ORCID? Perishing is not an option “Publish or perish” is the realist’s familiar mantra for a career in academe.  Whether you consider the tasks of publishing and presenting at conferences to be among the finest of sports on the one…

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Introducing: Scholar as Author

Learn more about scholarly publishing and authorship each Friday with librarian David Lowe.

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