Nancy Grossbart

What IS that machine next to the dean’s office in the library?

What IS that? Schulmerich Coronation Carillon “Auto Bell” Roll player. It is just over 50 years old and was made in 1963. What’s a carillon? It’s a musical instrument composed of carillon bells arranged chromatically and tuned harmonically so they may be played together from a controller that can either be a keyboard or a paper roll (like a player…

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What IS that One-of-a-Kind Microscope?

What IS That? A custom Renishaw Raman Microscope with dual laser system coupled to a Leica Upright Microscope and LED fluorescence excitation and emission source system. We believe that this is the only microscope in the world with this custom configuration. What does it do? It processes data and analyzes images in “real-time” and allows us to create 2-D image and 3-D…

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What IS that Wooden Box with a Globe Inside?

What is it? It is a Hosum Star Globe by H. Hughes of London Where can I find it on campus? In the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems office. What was it used for? Dr. George Maul, department chair of DMES says it was used for “celestial navigation, together with a sextant,  a chronometer, and a nautical almanac, so the…

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The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Tooth

By Nancy Grossbart You may find yourself asking what teeth and The Six Million Dollar Man have in common. Read on to find out. In 1972, biomedical engineering research professor Larry Hench lived in Gainesville, just a few blocks from author Martin Caidin. That was the year that Caidin published the book “Cyborg” which would later be the basis for…

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