2012 Spain Study Abroad Program Offers Students Culturally-Rich, International Business Experience

The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business will hold its second annual Spain Study Abroad program May 7 to June 15, 2012. The program is a blended learning course inclusive of online lectures before and subsequent to the onsite component. While in Spain, students attend lectures by a partnering institution, ESIC University, internationally-renowned and specializing in marketing. The program includes onsite company visits and cultural events to promote a culturally-rich, international business learning experience. The course is made available to undergraduate and graduate students in any of the College’s campus or online business degree programs.

For the second year, Dr. Mike Slotkin, Associate Professor of Economics, will be the lead instructor for the course. Dr. Mardi Sale, Associate Professor of Accounting, will accompany Dr. Slotkin for the Spain component of the study abroad program.

Undergraduate and graduate business students in the 2011 Spain Study Abroad Program

Ms. Lena McKelvey, a graduate student in the Florida Tech University Online MBA degree program, shared her personal experience regarding the 2011 Spain Study Abroad program. “This past summer I was fortunate to join fellow FIT students in the Study Abroad program in Madrid, Spain. During that week, we received lectures from renowned professors from ESIC, an international business and marketing school, while partaking in company visits to TNT and Carrefour. These are experiences I will cherish and take with me throughout my career.” (Lena’s blog entry: http://blogs.fit.edu/blog/2011/10/03/work-and-school-can-make-for-a-good-time-by-lena-mckelvey/.)

For more information about the 2012 Spain Study Abroad program, offered by the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, visit the Web page: http://www.fit.edu/spain/ or call 321-674-7327.

Below, are answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the name of the study abroad course?

The course title is Special Topics in Business:International Trade & Marketing. The course is designed for upper-level undergraduates and MBA students. It is a three credit-hour course.

2011 Study Abroad Program Company Visit

What is covered in the study abroad course?

The course content includes: Comparative Advantage & Classical Trade Theory; Neoclassical Trade Theory; Strategic Inter-Cultural Communication; American & Spanish Economies; Trade & Commercial Policies; Economic Integration; Foreign Direct Investment & Immigration; Foreign Exchange Markets; Inter-Cultural Negotiation; Brand Positioning in Europe; and European Distribution Channels. The course will include three company visits all of which are in Madrid (i.e., Airbus, Acciona Energy, and Planet Carrefour). The course will also include walking tours designed for cultural immersion.

When is the study abroad course offered?

The Spain Short-term Study Abroad Program is offered Summer A (campus) or Summer 1 (online). The course runs from May 7 to June 15, 2012, during which time students will be traveling abroad and participating in online learning components (e.g., lectures, presentations). Online students in the Summer 1 program will only be allowed to register for the study abroad course.

Group Travel in Spain

What is the total tuition and program cost for the study abroad course?

The tuition cost for the study abroad course is $ 2,235 and the program cost is $1,715. The total tuition and program cost per student is $3,950. Please note the tuition and program costs do not include airfare. This amount is a fixed fee for which the total amount is due before the beginning of the Summer A or Summer 1 semester. The fee cannot be broken up or deconstructed for alternative payment arrangements.

What’s the payment schedule for the study abroad course?

An initial $950 deposit is required upon enrollment in the course. For students accepted into the course, the deposit amount is due early in December 2011. The deposit fee is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due in two equal installments each of which is $1,500. The first installment is due February 1, 2012, and the second installment is due April 1, 2012. Please note: Financial aid during the summer term is typically disbursed in early May. Consequently, students receiving financial aid will be responsible for total payment inclusive of the deposit and two installment payments. Florida Tech will not provide any coverage of the $3,950 cost for which the student anticipates financial aid coverage.

What expenses are covered in the payment for the study abroad course?

The expenses covered, for the $3,950 payment, include tuition, reading materials, ten nights of lodging in a four-star hotel (double occupancy) including complimentary breakfast, insurance (medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage), seven-day metro pass, a cultural event, two dinners, lunch for six of the ten days, a museum pass, study-abroad golf shirt, and transportation to and from ESIC; as well as, company visits and excursions to Segovia and Toledo.

What expenses are not covered in the payment for the study abroad course?

The expenses not covered in the $3,950 tuition and program cost are: (1) airfare to and from Spain, (2) transportation to and from airports, (3) most dinners, souvenirs, tips and incidentals, and (4) four of the ten lunches.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid packages are available for summer session. Please contact the Florida Tech Financial Aid office for information on eligibility. There may be limits to financial aid for the study abroad program. The student should allow adequate time to verify eligibility with the Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office can be reached at 321-674-8070.

What are the dates associated with the Spain component of the study abroad course?

The Spain component of the study abroad course is May 24 through June 3, 2012. Students typically depart for Spain on May 23, 2012. Most flight arrivals from the U.S. would occur in the morning hours on May 24, 2012. Departure flights would typically occur the morning of June 3, 2012, which means the study abroad is comprised of ten nights (May 24th through June 2nd).

Where will the students stay while in Spain?

The students will stay in the Hotel Tryp Ambassador, near the Opera Metro stop in Madrid, Spain. The hotel website is: www.solmelia.com/hotels/spain/madrid/tryp-ambassador/home.htm.

Will all the course content be provided in Spain?

No. Fourteen lecture hours will be provided in a synchronous, online format prior to departure for Spain. Adobe Connect sessions will occur May 8 (Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 pm); May 10 (Thursday, 7:00-9:00 pm); May 12 (Saturday, 10:00-12:50 pm); May 15 (Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 pm); May 17 (Thursday, 7:00-9:00 pm; May 19 (Saturday, 10:00-12:00 pm); and, May 21 (Monday, 7:00-9:00 pm). In addition, approximately six hours of Adobe Connect will be scheduled on June 13-15 in the evenings for student presentation of final reports. All other academic contact hours, 24 hours in total, will occur in Spain. All times for the Adobe Connect hours are Eastern Daylight Time.

Dr. Mike Slotkin and Students in ESIC Classroom

Will all the course content be provided by Florida Tech faculty?

No. Approximately eight lecture hours, most of it covering marketing curriculum, will be provided in a traditional lecture format by faculty from the ESIC Business & Marketing School at the Madrid campus (see the website: www.esic.es/madrid/). The ESIC campus and personnel will be the hosts in Spain, organizing tours and providing usage of campus facilities and cafeteria. All other course content, whether online or in a traditional lecture format in Spain, will be provided by Dr. Mike Slotkin, Associate Professor of Economics, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, Florida Tech: www.fit.edu/faculty/profiles/profile.php?tracks=mslotkin.

Where will this course fit in my academic program plan?

For MBA students, this special topics course will serve as a business elective. For undergraduate students, except International Business (IB) majors, this course will also serve as an elective. For IB majors this course will count for the International Trade course listed on the IB curriculum flowchart.



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