Students Participate in the X-Culture Project

By Jarin Eisenberg

What do you think of when your instructor tells you a group project is required for a course? Do you grumble and groan or do you jump at the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow classmates? What if the group project required you to connect with 5 other students located all over the globe? Just think about the challenge of scheduling a meeting when you have students in 4-5 different time zones. That is exactly what students in Professor Tim Muth’s class are doing as part of the X-Culture Project.

The X-Culture Project aims to provide students with real-world business experience and exposure to the cross cultural challenges faced in an international business situation. As part of the project students will use their International Business knowledge to develop a business proposal for a large, industry-leading multi-national company. The industries the groups will be focusing range from information technology, oil/gas, retailing, entertainment, and others.

Over the next several weeks students will be writing blogs about their experiences collaborating with their team members and the progress they are making on their business proposals.

Keep checking back for more updates!

Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech

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