A Challenging Experience I will Always Remember: CoB students take part in business case competition

Guest Blogger: Yielleen St Amour, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


What can I say about my trip to Atlanta? Only that it was absolutely wonderful. First of all, having been chosen to represent Florida Tech at the CIBER case competition at Georgia State University was an honor. Second of all, having our own Mauricio Miranda win second place was definitely the icing on the cake. I had the opportunity to bond with my peers and be a part of a challenging experience which I will always remember.

The experience began with a nine-hour drive to Atlanta, which consisted of incessant laughter and sleep. The trip gave me an opportunity to bond with my classmates and the chance to connect with my peers on another level. Upon arrival to Atlanta, I was completely stunned at how beautiful the city is and how wonderful the Aquarium is. As I told my friends, it is like New York with no one bumping into each other.

I was paired with students from Winston-Salem University, LaGrange University, and Fort Valley State University. We were asked to work on Netcare International Expansion for 8 hours and come up with a viable plan of success for the company. Although I didn’t feel the enthusiasm and seriousness about the project from all my team members, I still count this challenge as one of the most exciting in my life. I did not really get mad when they were not doing their work because even in the work place, I will encounter people who just don’t care about their jobs and about their deliverables’ efficiency. Therefore, the only thing I can say is that I did my best and that is all that really matters.

Having many people who share my passion for business around made a difference. From motivated students to fair judges, everyone showed a special love for the field. I got personally congratulated by two of the judges, and this made me feel like I really gave the best out of me during the presentation.

All in all, it was a great experience, that of a lifetime. I thank the Florida Institute of Technology for having given me the chance to network with a network of people who share the same passion as me. My journey at Florida Tech is about to end soon, but the memories of learning experiences I had will forever remain.

Overall, thank you to Mr. Muth who drove us to Atlanta. I recommend him for your next trip; he is a great driver!


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