Bisk College of Business Announces Accreditation of 26 Undergraduate and Graduate Business Programs

MELBOURNE, FLA. — More than two dozen undergraduate and graduate-level programs at Florida Institute of Technology’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business have been accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the leading outcomes-based, professional accreditation agency for business education at universities.

The accredited business programs are six bachelor of art degrees, including in accounting, computer information systems and marketing; nine bachelor of science degrees, including in sports management, business administration and global management and finance; the general MBA program and 10 additional MBA specializations such as finance, project management and international business.

Focused on excellence in teaching and learning, IACBE has accredited approximately 1,000 business and related programs both nationally and internationally. The IACBE board in April voted unanimously to accredit the Bisk College of Business programs.

“This indicates we have complied with the high-quality education mandated by IACBE for universities seeking accreditation,” said Ann Becker, dean of the Bisk College of Business.

IACBE’s mission-driven, outcome-based approach allows for a focus on student learning outcomes as a driver in continuous improvement and teaching excellence. That emphasis on continuous improvement gives all the stakeholders a voice, noted Becker.

“Students, parents, our community, our faculty – we can all make sure we are meeting and exceeding our standards of excellence and following best practices in business education,” she said.

Achieving IACBE accreditation is a lengthy, labor-intensive process.

The college provided two years of data generated from a required self-study process that highlighted how it was implementing process improvements. Those improvements were gauged by measuring student learning outcomes associated with critical thinking, effective communication and general and specialized business knowledge.

A team from IACBE also conducted a site visit to review data, talk to students, faculty and external constituents and look at resources, classroom space and libraries.

Becker said the IACBE accreditation adds value to the degrees earned by students in the College of Business in ways beyond its required emphasis on high-quality education. “It also adds value in that graduates can go to employers and say, ‘I was educated by an IACBE-accredited university.’ That is a big deal for employers.”

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