Business Students Gear Up for X-Culture

As the Fall semester gets underway, business students in Professor Tim Muth’s Global Business course are getting ready to participate in The X-Culture Project. The X-Culture Project aims to provide students with real-world business experience and exposure to the cross cultural challenges faced in an international business situation. As part of the project students will use their International Business knowledge to develop a business proposal for a large, industry-leading multi-national company. The industries the groups will be focusing range from information technology, oil/gas, retailing, entertainment, and others. This will be the second time Florida Tech students will be particpating in the project.

Last year 1,500 students participated from 35 universities spanning 6 continents. This year will be bigger as more universities are participating in the project. Throughout the semester students will be blogging about their experiences with the project. Keep checking back for more updates!








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  1. When i heard about the X-culture project i was a little in shock, especially when Dr. Muth announced in class that the end report would be 15-30 pages. After reading through the project handout and realizing that most of the topics/sections of the report i knew how to do i was a little more at ease. One thing that i am happy about is that the project has progress reports. This will keep me and other members on my team (i hope) to stay on task. I normally do not procrastinate but during a busy semester it is very easy to forget about things.
    Once the email was sent out with the list of our team mates email addresses i knew it was time to get the ball rolling. But before i knew it, i had two emails from two of my team members in Brazil. This was nice to see that there are at least a few people in my Group so far that are going to have drive and initiative in making things happen along with my self. Since the issue of our team members email addresses my group has established a mean of communication with two different approaches and seems we are off to a good start.


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