Start Your Engines for the Chevy Marketing Challenge

The Chevy ruled at Panther Plaza when the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business marketing class team set out to fulfill a class assignment to promote Chevy vehicles in the Chevrolet Campus Marketing Challenge Promotions Program. The team, which calls itself “Panther Promotions,” took real-world marketing outdoors for “Fun in the Sun,” an afternoon of learning and games to affect opinions about the Chevrolet brand. The team invited as many Florida Tech students as they could to the event. The marketing challenge was to have students fill out Chevy opinion surveys “before” and “after” they learned about the cool new cars parked at the plaza—the Equinox, Camaro and new Cruze. The “Stuff the Trunk” game illustrated storage capacity for the Equinox and Camaro by making guests guess how many bags fit in the trunk. That trunk is so big, you could fit Grandma in it. The team didn’t have to try very hard to get attention for the Camaro. The Camaro has been a hot car since it was introduced in 1967. Playing games and winning prizes was a nice break from classes for the students who came to see what was happening. And, it was smart of the team to bring plenty of snacks and drinks. No surprise; they disappeared fast. What a way to master a subject!

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