CoB Professor, Dr. Abram Walton, Makes a Guest Appearance on Community in Motion


Dr. Abram Walton, Associate Professor of Management and Innovation for the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business,  recently appeared on Community in Motion, a show focused on innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship in the Space Coast and greater Brevard area.

Some of the key points discussed:

• While amongst traditional new ventures, the failure rate over 20 years is ~90%, but university-based startups or spin offs are  68% successful over the same period

• University-based startups are ~115 times more likely to go through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) vs. traditional startups.

• About 70% of all university startups stay local – largely because they realize the immense benefits of working with universities and capitalizing upon those resources – one only need to look at Mainstream Engineering as a key example

• Corporations needing innovation can bring their ideas, new products, or other industry-related research/project needs to Florida Tech’s College of Business and benefit from student involvement, a fresh perspective, and new ideas on how to help them bring their idea to market.

To watch Dr. Walton’s interview please visit: Community in Motion


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