CoB Students Get Hands-on Marketing Experience

Guest Blogger: Xiang Liu, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

In my opinion, this is a good chance to experience a activity for me from the Marketing Management class in America, because I am an international student. In the beginning of the semester, we accepted the project and set a plan to accomplish. We have prepared almost two months, during these two months, we combine the theory of Marketing Management and practice together, I think our event will be very good.


In the project, I was in the promotion team, and the most interesting and helpful experiences for me is that I am familiar with Microsoft office, which I was not good at it until I was in this project, and second is that I knew some more foreigner friends. I am really hope the active will be fine and successful tomorrow.

Guest Blogger: Tolga Turgut

As MBA students we have been tasked in our Marketing Management class to start a fictitious company as an entire class during this semester. Our instructor Dr.Cudmore has been a great motivator and facilitator to make this endeavor a successful learning experience.

During the course of this marketing campaign we learned a great deal about team work, internal dynamics, and a chance to apply what we have learned in organizational behavior class. Additionally it has been a great experience to work directly with a real client with a consulting company as their representative. Although I personally have a vast working experience I believe it has contributed to my knowledge a great deal.

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