Dr. Domagalski’s Papers and Book Chapters

Writing research papers and book chapters have been keeping College of Business associate professor of management Teri Domagalski, Ph.D., busy in and out
of the classroom. This summer, conference presentations will have her crisscrossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Dr. Domagalski, who teaches human
resource management and organizational behavior, reports that she has a paper in press with the journal Organizational Analysis that she co-authored with
Lisa Steelman, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Florida Tech College of Psychology. Their paper is titled The Impact of Work Events and Disposition on the
Experience and Expression of Employee Anger. She and Dr. Steelman also had a paper accepted at the Academy of Management conference that will be in
Honolulu in August. The paper is titled Differences in Workplace Anger Expression on the Basis of Gender and Hierarchical Status. Dr. Domagalski will be
presenting a paper at the fourth Critical Management Studies conference in Cambridge, England. The paper is entitled Physician Agency: Dissent or
Co-optation in Response to Capitalist Initiatives? Dr. Domagalski has a book chapter in press titled Gender and the Expression of Emotions at Work. The
chapter is in the forthcoming book Gender and Communication Issues at Work. The publisher is Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Dr. Domagalski and co-authors Paul
Spector of the University of South Florida and Suzy Fox of Loyola University have a book chapter in press titled Emotions, Violence and Counterproductive
Work Behavior. It will be in the book Handbook of Workplace Violence. The publisher is Sage.

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