Dr. Steven Salaga Interviewed on Recent Troubles Faced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Dr. Steven Salaga, a professor of Sports Management at the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, was recently asked to weigh in on the issues that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) now faces.

The UFC may have a rocky future having lost two of their biggest stars due to retirement and injury at the same time as the sport attempts to introduce a European expansion. The UFC is one of many subjects that Dr. Salaga has written and presented about which led to his interview by The Guardian and The BBC Radio. The fact that Dr. Salaga was one of the experts chosen to comment of the situation is just one way to show the depth of knowledge and real world experience that Florida Tech professors have to share with their students.

In The Guardian article by Allan Woods quotes Dr. Salaga: “I think it’s definitely an issue. He’s arguably their top pay-per-view draw, him and Anderson Silva. If they lose both of those two at the same time, that’s certainly a bigger issue.” Dr. Salaga was also interviewed on the BBC Radio podcast on the December 30th, 2013 on the same topics.

Check out The Guardian article by clicking here!

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