Emily Martinez-Vogt Named January MVP

Emily Martinez-Vogt, assistant professor and chair of the DBA program, has been named Most Valuable Panther for January.

In announcing the award, the Office of Human Resources said:

“Dr. Emily Martinez-Vogt joined Florida Tech in 2011 in the Bisk College of Business as an adjunct professor, then in 2015 she was hired as an assistant professor, eventually becoming chair of the college’s DBA program. In 2022 she added classes in the College of Aeronautics to her adjunct teaching. Dr. Vogt is well known and highly respected throughout the university as an active cross-disciplinary program lead and team player.

The very nature of the program chair/academic unit head position requires extensive curriculum, program development/design and teaching responsibilities. Additionally, as head administrator, Dr. Vogt has developed a deep understanding of university policies, along with practice and involvement in most university administrative functions including admissions, enrollment management, student life, even compliance and accreditation.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, student recruitment, retention and graduation all increased in the DBA doctoral program Dr. Vogt oversees. This was due, in large part, to her tireless efforts as head administrator, primary advisor and lead faculty member.

Dr. Vogt travels each month more than 2,500 miles to/from the main campus to teach or oversee the DBA program, and her contributions are the primary reason that Florida Tech’s DBA program has been successful, including earning deserved national recognition. This makes Emily Martinez-Vogt our Most Valuable Panther.”

The Most Valuable Panther Program recognizes employees who embody the university’s standards for innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality service.

Please consider nominating the next MVP. Include specific and concrete details in your nomination. How exactly does the nominee benefit the organizational unit, department or university? Providing specific examples, numbers, facts or anecdotes about the candidate’s contributions will clearly paint the picture of why the individual deserves to be recognized.  Submit nominations HERE by the 20th at 5 pm.

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