Faculty News: Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook is an Associate Professor and Program Chair in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business  and recently had two articles published.

MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing


“Mobile Marketing and Political Activities”


ABSTRACT: Today, the most personal and direct of all media channels are the mobile phones. This devise enables the world to remain connected 24/7. Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a way for governments and political parties to reach their supporters. Among the strong features of mobile marketing activities are the fresh, innovative, and rapid ways to reach these supporters at any time and at any place. Examples include the past presidential campaigns of Barack Obama in the United States and Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh in Iran, both with unprecedented mobilization of supporters. Mobile phones are powerful devices with robust capabilities that can be a tool for sending and receiving political messages and propaganda. This paper highlights the use of mobile marketing for political purposes and the focus on mobile marketing activities related to political strategies and their applications. Several illustrative examples are presented to demonstrate the use of mobile marketing as a powerful tool for governments and political parties to mobilize their supporters.



Cook, C. (2010). Mobile Marketing and Political Activities. MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing, 5 (1).


International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management

“A 21st Century Vision for a Globally Sustainable Organization”


ABSTRACT: There is a need for companies to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. A culture of innovation can help companies differentiate business from competition. This paper will examine the challenge of creating a culture of innovation to help businesses anticipate and respond to ever changing markets. The research utilized a qualitative approach to data gathering. The data consisted of a review of literature which was analyzed resulting in the conceptualization of a culture of innovation model and relevant constructs. It is posited that innovation is enhanced when specific culture factors are matched with certain strategies. The research found that for companies to keep innovating new experiences, decision making, problem solving, and solutions, it required a sustainable culture and innovation environment. Innovation plays an important role in business competition and growth. It is, therefore, important to identify factors needed to meet changing market trends. Companies can ensure a culture of innovation with a sustainable model to help achieve customer’s needs. A culture of innovation model was created to identify factors for companies to stay competitive. Lastly, the study confirmed that a company can gain a competitive edge in its industry with a model that possesses flexibility to capitalize on culture and innovation benefits by applying the results to the business processes and functions.



Cook, C. W., DeCaro, F. P., DeCaro, N. M. (2012). A 21st century vision for a globally sustainable organization. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 11 (1), 135-150.


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