Financial Executives International Honors Three FIT Students

Guest Bloggers: Dwight Pate and Joan Wiggenhorn


Three FIT students were recently honored at the Financial Executives International Academic Night. Two students, Nathan Marles and Kaylin Jaichon won scholarships and Dwight (D.J.) Pate won an award for the FEI Distinguished Scholar Program. Nathan is an Information Systems major, Kaylin is double majoring in accounting and marketing, and D.J. will be receiving his M.B.A this spring and was also a FIT undergrad with a major in International Business.

Students that attended the Financial Executives International Academic Night enjoyed an excellent opportunity to network with Central Florida executives and discuss important issues in the fields of finance and accounting. Students submitted questions prior to the event that were discussed at each table. Executives served as moderators, and were able to provide students with an insight as to where the job market stands in the industry, what career goals are appropriate, and the effects of globalization on industry standards. After the discussion, students were recognized for their academic and extracurricular achievements.


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