Florida Tech College of Business Successfully Renews Accreditation

IACBE Approval Denotes High Quality of Programs

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Nearly three dozen undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business have been accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the leading outcomes-based, professional accreditation agency for business education at universities.

The IACBE Board of Commissioners considered and approved Florida Tech’s request for the accreditation at its April 2021 meeting. The accreditation runs from May 2021 through April 2028.

The Board approved the accreditation of 32 graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the college. They include the Doctor of Business Administration; the Master of Business Administration, and 11 MBAs with specializations in a variety of areas, including cybersecurity, healthcare management, international business and project management; eight Bachelor of Arts degrees in accounting, management, human resources management and business administration with specializations in computer information systems, management, marketing and other areas; and 11 Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration, business and environmental studies, accounting, information systems, finance and business administration with specializations in global management and finance, entrepreneurship, sport management and more.

Focused on excellence in business education, IACBE has accredited approximately 2,000 business and related programs both nationally and internationally.

“The Bisk College of Business is a national leader in business education and innovation, and our IACBE accreditation renewal reinforces the college’s commitment to IACBE principles of accreditation,” said Dean Ted Richardson. “We are proud to continue to provide the high-quality education mandated by the IACBE for universities seeking accreditation.”

IACBE’s mission-driven, outcome-based approach allows for a focus on student learning outcomes as a driver in continuous improvement and teaching excellence. Achieving its accreditation is a lengthy, labor-intensive process.

In early January, a team from IACBE conducted a virtual site visit at the Bisk College of Business to review data and talk to students, faculty and external constituents. In preparation for the site visit, college administrators, faculty and staff prepared documents for over a year of self-study to prove the college was meeting the rigorous principles of accreditation and associated standards for outcome assessment. The success of the visit required years of planning and coordination and proof of continual adherence to IACBE Principles of Accreditation.

Richardson noted that the IACBE accreditation adds value to the degrees earned by students in the College of Business in ways beyond its required emphasis on high-quality education.

“Our graduates can go to prospective employers and proudly say, ‘I was educated by an IACBE-accredited university,’” he said. “That is a big deal for employers.”

For more information and details on the Bisk College of Business and its accredited programs, please visit https://www.fit.edu/business/.

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