Florida Tech Student Earns George C. Marshall Award

Guest Blogger: Kenneth C. Knight

The George C. Marshall Award is awarded to the number one cadet in each Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. Each year the top cadet goes to the Virginia Military Institute and attends a leadership conference for 4 days. During these four days each cadet participates in round table exercises. Round tables are where we discuss problems the military is facing and new ways to implement leadership in our ever growing Army. It’s also about meeting other future leaders and developing a relationship, because even though we are a part of the strongest military force in the world we are part of the 1% of men and women enrolled in the Armed Forces. Everyone’s leadership style is different, but working together to achieve common tasks is a necessity that we will always need.

Kenneth C. Knight

During my time there I met with a lot of future leaders. I also met with a lot of great leaders in our Army. The trip was an excellent experience for me. One that I will not forget, I am thankful to be part of one of the best ROTC battalions in the nation. The Panther Battalion has shaped the path for me to succeed and be an excellent leader in the military.



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