Student Business Incubator: A vehicle for new venture creation

by Scott Benjamin, Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship 

Florida Tech is getting into the business of new venture creation with the launch of our new Student Business Incubator. The Student Business Incubator is a physical location in the University Plaza building where students from all majors at Florida Tech can actually LAUNCH A BUSINESS. We provide any and all students with the resources, education, location, mentoring, and access to capital required to commercialize their technology. If students are thinking about launching the next Facebook or simply a retail space selling coffee…the Student Business Incubator can make this into a reality.

The University has already donated 2,400 square feet of space. We are now fundraising to remodel the space and purchase new equipment so that it is poised to be an economic growth engine in Brevard County. We are utilizing crowdfunding to raise money for this initiative.  If you have an interest in donating or getting involved, please visit our Rockethub page. 

Even before our launch, we have had 12 students from engineering, computer science, business, psychology and other majors already sign up to be a part of building their businesses here at Florida Tech. So if you are interested in being a part of something really exciting happening here at Florida Tech – we welcome you!

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