Launching an Aquaponics Startup through the Student Business Incubator

A business major and a dual marine biology and aquaculture major had a discussion about how they could change the world. Together, they came up with an idea to grow organic produce using aquaponics, a system of growing food that combines aquaculture (raising aquatic life in tanks) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). Students, Thomas Haynie and Louis Penrod pitched their idea to the Student Business Incubator who gave them some startup dollars. Since then, they have built two research systems (#2 featured above) to learn what’s needed to grow organic produce. They are networking with private investors, as well as applying for a USDA grant, to see if they can make it happen. Haynie and Penrod are feeling positive. “We’ve met a few investors who are showing real interest.”

The company is named Nereus. You can find out more at

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