Orlando Site Director, Dr. Dennis Kulonda, Keeping Pace With Change


Dr. Dennis Kulonda, Orlando Site Director

Dr. Dennis Kulonda is a Professor of Management and Site Director in the Department of Extended Studies, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. He has administrative oversight of the Orlando site, which offers Master of Science degrees in acquisition and contract management, computer information systems, engineering management, human resources management, operations management, project management, quality management, systems management, and more. (The complete list of programs and graduate certificates offered in Orlando is found at: http://es.fit.edu/off-campus/orlando/programs.php).

According to Dr. Kulonda, a graduate degree can make the critical difference in getting promoted to a key management position, changing career paths, or maintaining a competitive edge in an existing position. He points out that, “In today’s competitive business environment, change is the only constant. The bachelor’s degree that was a milestone five years ago is rapidly fading into obsolescence. A graduate degree and its related business and technical skills may make the critical difference in your ability to compete for advanced positions, promotions and often a new career.”

Student Projects Bridging Industry and Academia

Dr. Kulonda has a long history in his academic career that has required staying on top of a rapidly-changing business environment in the context of a global marketplace. During his thirty plus years in academia, Dr. Kulonda has served both as teacher and administrator. He has held a range of administrative positions including a deanship at Alfred University, Alfred, New York, Director of the Center for Professional Development, James Madison University, Harrisburg, Virginia; and most recently, Orlando Site Director, Florida Tech, Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Kulonda has taught graduate courses in Engineering Management, Operations Management, Project Management and Engineering Economics, among others areas.  As posted on his profile, Dr. Kulonda has published research in a range of business areas including: multi-channel manufacturing, enterprise systems and entrepreneurship. (For more information, visit Dr. Kulonda’s Florida Tech facutly profile page: http://www.fit.edu/faculty/profiles/profile.php?tracks=dkulonda .)

Recently, Dr. Kulonda has focused his efforts on developing learning opportunities for engineers and managers by leveraging his experience as both a practitioner and researcher. Some examples that are reflective of his building bridges between academic study and real-world application include:

  • Developing student projects that require critical thinking in strategic management in collaboration with Wayne Automatic Fire Systems.
  • Exploring entrepreneurship and innovation in linking engineering and business for competitive advantage in the Central Florida Region.
  • Exploring education and research opportunities with local and regional companies in key industries such as sustainability, energy, communications, and technology.
Dr. Dennis Kulonda Keeping Pace with Change

Dr. Kulonda is available to discuss career opportunities associated with each of Florida Tech’s 18 graduate degree options offered in the Orlando region. He wants each prospective student to know that at the Orlando site, “Beyond state of the art knowledge, we offer a caring atmosphere and personalized attention. We know that as a working professional there are many competing demands on your time and energy.” Dr. Kulonda has student testimonials to prove it.


For more information, contact Dr. Kulonda at: dkulonda@fit.edu or visit the Orlando Site Web page at: http://es.fit.edu/off-campus/orlando/ .

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