Promotion Project Reveals Complexities of Putting Together a Marketing Campaign for CoB Students

Guest Blogger: Zhiyun Wang

This is a real marketing promotion project. It is a challenge to work with such a big team but it is funny and exciting. We have three directors and four group leaders. They work hard to well organize this big team. As for a big team, I think the biggest challenge for us is time arrangement. Everything needs to be approved by the client, so the whole process takes longer time than we expect. For example, the brochure was approved two days before the event, so we just have two days to place the order and get it done.

As a member in financial team, one of my assignments is to check the prices of flyers, banners, and brochures. I need to check the price before the promotion team makes decisions so that we can help them arrange the event within our budget. Because I don’t know what size and how much flyers or brochures the promotion team will need, it is difficult to ask suppliers to give me a list of the prices of flyers or brochures referring different size and quantities. Some suppliers are unpleasant to calculate the price for me. I need to use different cell phones to make calls to collect all information I need.


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